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About RDFC

[T]he Red Deer Fencing Club was formed in Dec. ’95. Our club has grown out of the initial promotion of the sport by the Alberta Modern Pentathlon Association and Dr. David Coates in Dec. ’94. From that moment on, I was hooked. Initially the few of us that came out for the clinic became members of AMPA, but the desire to concentrate primarily on fencing, spurred on the creation of our club. Although many of our first members were pentathletes seeking additional training time; We started drawing many new members who were discovering fencing for the first time. Our membership started small, but has kept growing each year.

[O]ur equipment was purchased with a grant from Nova Corp. through The Alberta Sport, Recreation, Parks and Wildlife Foundation. The $ 9,000.00 cheque presentation was an exciting moment for our club, for which we hosted a fencing tournament ‘Media Challenge’ to commemorate the event. The tournament included athletes from Red Deer radio stations, local newspapers, and Nova Corp. Everyone had a great time and we are grateful to all who participated.

[W]e have been working these past 16 years, to increase the opportunities for fencing, within our community. Our coaching staff has many years of experience, and a strong desire to pass along these unique skills.

[R]DFC is a non-profit club with a mandate to promote the sport of fencing in our community. We do this through our club training schedule and demonstrations or training clinics for various groups. In the past we have conducted lessons or given demonstrations for many groups, including: Elementary, Middle, and High Schools, Army Cadets, Church groups, Scouts, and Private groups. If you are interested in hosting a demonstration or a training clinic for a group in our area; Please contact us.

[I]f you are outside our region, we may refer you to the Alberta Fencing Association and they may be better able to help you. Please feel free to contact us, we welcome any inquiries, and enjoy making new friends.

Yours in sport,
Norman Wiebe

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