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Fee Schedule

All necessary fencing equipment is provided for beginners in their first year.

It Is asked for fencers to try to acquire the following equipment according to the yearly schedule:

First year – Fencing Glove and Body Wire
Second year – Weapon (electric)
Third year – Mask, Jacket, breeches, and Sous-Plastron

Fencers may purchase all of their equipment anytime before the 3rd year. Any questions/concerns about purchasing equipment, please talk to a coach.

REFUND POLICY : Due to the fact that we limit class sizes, we do not permit advance registration without payment. Additionally once we have sold a berth to a student, our policy is to not provide a refund. Please feel free to make any such requests, as they will then be dealt with on a case by case basis. Be prepared to forfeit a portion of the initial fee, in the case if a refund occurs.

PROVINCIAL & NATIONAL MEMBERSHIP FEES : All members must have an Alberta Provincial Association membership, as well as Canadian Fencing Federation membership. There are 3 Levels of Membership.

1. COMPETITIVE Membership: Those fencers who wish to compete at Provincial circuit, or National events, must possess a competitive level membership. This membership allows the member to take part in all Alberta Fencing Association sanctioned and non-sanctioned events, as well as Canadian Fencing Federation sanctioned tournaments.  Canadian Fencing Federation tournaments hosted within Alberta require a Competitive membership for all events. A new Competitive member is awarded a CFF license number upon payment of the required fee.  A Competitive member will be registered with the CFF, and will be included in CFF Domestic rankings. CFF Ranked Competitive members are eligible for funding support
for travel through the Athlete Development Program, and funding for coaching and referee development.

2. ASSOCIATE Membership is available for those who participate in club practices, compete in non-sanctioned (Level 0) events, sanctioned Level 1 events, coaches, officials, or any other supporter. This membership category also includes any individual who takes part in a clinic, camp or class hosted by the club. The clinic, camp, or class may take place at the club or at another venue (i.e. schools, community league, recreational facilities, etc.). All coaches/officials must have this level of membership at minimum. This category may also include volunteers, family members, and executive members who wish to support the Association.

The costs for competitive and associate memberships  have been blended, and are indicated below. These fees must be paid in addition to club fees. Members will register through the Alberta Fencing Association website.   https://2mev.com/#!/memberships/alberta-fencing-association-2020-2021-membership

3. PARTICIPANT Membership is available for those who participate in club practices, club outreach/community programs, compete in no tournaments, and in no AFA courses or clinics. Any person who possesses this level of membership can upgrade at any time to a higher level of membership during the fencing season. All executive members of clubs or the AFA must have at least this level of membership. This level of membership is also open to any family members and volunteers who wish to support the Association. Members will register through the Alberta Fencing Association website for the participant membership.   https://2mev.com/#!/memberships/alberta-fencing-association-2020-2021-membership

All members may upgrade their membership category, by paying the extra, or difference, in fee at any time. At no time after purchasing a higher level membership during the current fencing season is a member allowed to downgrade to this membership level during that same season. Fees to be determined by the AFA/CFF.

Season 2020-2021 AFA Membership Fees

  • Competitive membership $ 65.00
  • Associate membership $ 30.00
  • Participant membership $5.00


INDIVIDUAL LESSONS : Although our students learn all the necessary skills necessary for participation and competition; if you strive for excellence, or wish to accelerate your progress; additional lessons are training are advisable. Lessons purchased in blocks receive a discount, plus the advantage of booking a time slot on a regular basis. These lessons are in addition to your regular training schedule, and will take about 20 minutes.


Individual lessons fee schedule

(one lesson) (ten lessons) (twenty lessons)
$ 25.00 $ 225.00 $ 400.00


HIGH PERFORMANCE PROGRAM : This program is for fencers with high goals,develops the maximum skill in the athlete ,and gives the athlete possibility for a great future as a competitive fencer. Maximum four spots are available for this program! High performance program fee: 750$ per semester. For more information about the program please contact Nathaniel
Note : Each fencer must have paid membership to take advantage of the high performance program!
ALBERTA SPORT DEVELOPMENT COUNCIL : We encourage all competitive members to take advantage of RDFC’s membership with the sport council. Club membership provides access to their many services at a discount, and for the serious competitor, these additional tools are of benefit. Please see their website page for the services available /www.asdccentral.ca or contact them by phone:: +1 (403) 342-3231.
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