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Coaches Profiles

Nathaniel Johnson
Nathaniel, who has been with the club for 13 years, is the most recent addition to our coaching staff. Nathaniel has trained with some of the top fencers in Canada, competed in the national circuit, and has worked with new fencers of all ages.

Competitively, he is a two times Western Canadian Champion, Provincial Champion, and a regular quarter-finalist nationally. He was part of both the Alberta Provincial Team and the Alberta Sport Development Center Athletes.

Nathaniel has had a tremendous impact in the fencing club, helping some of our fencers move up the ranks considerably, working fundraising events, and always being a team player. In addition to this, he has continued to stay involved as an athlete, and dominates the men’s epee events he participates in.

A graduate of RDC with a Red Seal in Automotive Service Technology, Nathaniel also spends his time as a Subaru mechanic, with interests including hiking, photography, and climbing anything he can.

Certification: NCCP Level 1

To contact with Nathaniel : Nathaniel@red-deer-fencing-club.com

Norm Wiebe
 Norm is one of the founding members of the club. A competitive fencer, Norm’s innumerable years of service to the club, and with over a decade to the provincial association, has seen many changes. He brings a wealth of experience and information to our board and coaching programs. Norm’s relaxed and comfortable manner masks his desire to see our fencers become everything they are capable of. His previous military and business world experience, give him a wide variety of life experiences that benefit the club, and the students.

Certification: Prevost (epee), Aide monituer. Provincial referee.

To contact with Norman : norman@red-deer-fencing-club.com

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