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Rules & Regulations

[G]iven the highly technical nature of the sport of fencing and the evolution of the sport from its roots teaching young men how to survive a duel, it is inevitable that the rules governing fencing in competition are equally as confusing and technical as the sport’s origins. However, the basics of the sport can be distilled into a few simple points to keep in mind.

1. A fencer may only engage in contest with properly approved and inspected equipment.
2. Fencing does not begin until the referee says so.
3. A fencer must stay within the edges of the piste.
4. A touch may only be made with a valid part of the blade.
5. The weapon must be held in the hand at the time of the touch and at all times during the match.
6. Only the weapon may be used to stop an oncoming attack.
7. The referee is the final arbiter of any dispute.
8. Respect shall be shown to all opponents, referee’s, coaches and bystanders.
9. Excessive brutality, violence, cheating, drugs, etc… are ABSOLUTELY FORBIDDEN.

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