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RDFC epee excellence – summer camp

Here is an exciting opportunity to participate in this adventurous Olympic sport. The afternnon session of this course is ideal for boys and girls age 10 and up, with little or no previous experience. The morning session will be more challenging, and better suited to those 15 and up, or with considerable fencing experience. Students will participate in a variety of activities intended to develop their balance, co-ordination and reaction speed. All fencing specific equipment will be provided, including protective mask, clothing, weapon, and electrical scoring equipment. Students are required to wear long athletic pants, a t-shirt, and bring some indoor gym shoes. Students will be grouped by age and skill level.

To register, submit the form and fee to the club, or if you are an AFA member, go online to the AFA website and complete it there. You will need to log in to register.

Class size is limited, so don’t put it off.

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